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Hi, I'm new to LiveJournal. I have a Veronica Mars obsession and that is my main reason for exploring this site. At first I was just lurking around, but now I'm getting more into the LiveJournal experience. I still don't know how to "pimp out" my page but I like reading and posting fanfiction (when I get the energy). I've been told many times that I watch too much TV and this is my new outlet! And yeah since I'm poor and I wanted more userpics I gave in and got the stupid advertisements. I am a rabid shipper as well: House/Cameron, Elizabeth/Jack, Veronica/Logan, Mac/Dick, Grissom/Sara, Catharine/Warrick, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Lupin/Tonks, Booth/Bones, etc. etc. And please for both your health and my own don't get me started on "why I ship them".

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